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released January 22, 2013

Clockwork and Fear Driven produced by Epoch When
Illy Goat, Through The Cracks, Storm The Castle, Stage Lights, Momentum, Lost Cause, Reckoning and Rise produced by Hirolla
The All Forgotten Produced by Captain Midnite
Operation Blackout, Rain Or Shine and Don’t Leave produced by Blacksheep
Guest feature on Through The Cracks by Adef of Soulcrate Music
Guest feature on Fear Driven by Epoch When
All tracks recorded by Luke Whitrock and Alex Koutsoukos
All mixing and mastering by Alex Koutsoukos
All scratches by Blacksheep
Head shots and word markings by Stacy Manweiler
Album artwork by Ian Stonehouse



all rights reserved


ROOKE5 Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Clockwork
On the sixty first minute of every passing hour
I sit here deliberate wonder where the power comes
From, as the second hand on clock towers backward spun
Contemplating all the time that the pendulum swung
Let the continuum run, through the membranes and Endgames
From memories won, now the epiphany’s gone
And it’s fallen by the wayside, insight manifested
And its shattered all of your pride, battered by the high tide
While swimming ashore, attempt to use this spare day to seek & explore
the horizon’s of the past and the future in store
for this week that has eight days, how you askin’ for more?
Momentary bliss and inspirational thoughts
While your wasting away with a dysfunctional watch
The keeper of the courtyard extended his plot
To deceive you into twisting chronological knots
In the timeline of happiness, reality lost
Until you finally realize that the turret has stopped

One year and one day, so sick I wanna run away
Now It’s one year and One Day, Come back and Meet me half way
Now It’s one year and one day, and these hand stop moving
One year and one day, Let the Time Keep proving…

One year, one day in the 25th hour
The 53rd week, same damn clock tower
Yet the hands haven’t moved, calibrations help you prove
That the timing is right, you got nothing to lose
Then you ponder what to press no button for snooze
They can’t provide you any service with your sweater and boots
Minutes loosen the noose, of the Movado you choose
When its choking your wrist cause I believe its abused
But it’s a ticking time bomb that’s not simply diffused
Then the oscillator pushes and the powers removed
No hands pressing on so your worries improve
Let the minutes turn to hours, find the time to let loose
Then you turn on channel ten to discover the news
That a gear inside busted, restoration ensued
And all that’s let now is to tighten the screws
Soon youre left to mull over how the present is used


You had one day to change the three things you stand for
Five words to say the sixth oath you swore
Seven janky letters that led you to the eighth door
Back to the elevator, UP to the ninth floor
Clock chimes ten the hands are moving again
And now your stuck wondering remembering when
You had an extra day, times were simpler then
But you took that time for granted it was foolishly spent
Now you’re back in the routine, stuck in cement
So if you get an extra chance you don’t need my consent
To live it to the fullest with no life of regret
But don’t take my word even ben can attest

Track Name: Illy Goat
I’m shook, time to use this rifle I took
Clay pigeon out the air, you taking notes in that book?
Cause this knowledge that I’m dropping man it’s worth a second look
You’re about to learn the name god dammit its “rooke5”
Down the bumbling brook, is where your mind takes ya
Not hard to comprehend, take this word as validation
The whit is complex, stick around for the duration
Of this lyrical flight if you can handle elevation
You’re bitter cause the envy led to adoration
For the language of love and further defamation
Tongue tied, twisted the vocal deprivation
You’re only blowing smoke, hostile fumigation
Rest, exhale, you’ve made your mistakes
You let the first two go, plead to raise the stakes
look at what you got, a couple pains and aches
but this hoof that you’re under, man it gives no breaks

I’m the illy goat, try to walk across my bridge
Nope, you don’t wanna cross my bridge
Nope, you ain’t trying to talk about shit
Walk on your toes while you carry your stick
I’m the illy goat, try to walk across my bridge
Nope, you don’t wanna cross my bridge
Nope, you don’t wanna walk these bricks
Shut your mouth troll, go back into your ditch

I’m done, tired of the record you spun
Cause the needle keeps skipping and it’s never been fun
Now you keep popping off with that arrogant tongue
Playing Russian roulette with my poetry gun
You try to come at me like I don’t know what work is
I’ve been killing shit since my mother gave birth kid
I be on that green, you can call it saving earth shit
Put that in your pipe or you can roll it up and smoke it
Familiar with the lingo cause I be all around it
High nonexistent cause kicks keep me grounded
Six-headed heavyweight I proudly founded
Egotistical intellect, I come well rounded
Shit, it’s astounding but whatchu you expect
It’s the debut, no take two, expect no less
Cause I’m bringing all the noise you only hope to suppress
trample cross the bridge breaking this troll’s neck


I’m lost, look at all the damage you caused
Your pipes are frozen up, I’m just blowing exhaust
Tripping over words, through the window you’re tossed
Take a look at whose behind your tacky accident clause
It goes, runnerup, epoch, blacksheep, Wait
HR People and you know my name
Had to cut down the roster cause these times they change
Now we’re CO’s Respected just extending the range
To the Midwest, northwest, midnite, ADef
All the way to UK, hirolla beat chef
Grinding on the daily no benefit of keifer
Sutherland, on my 24 bar seizure
Beast mode, tebow, Manning cock back reload
I’ve been playing life I ain’t even got no cheat codes
Putting out our first five guarantee that we blow
Now you find yourself looking where the hell did he go huh?
Track Name: The All Forgotten
Now its early in the morning, as the sun breaks the hill
Another dawn is arriving, work is testing our will
Its about dedication, recognition of skill
So we do what it takes, earn the schillings for bills
Suppose we take it on back to the difficult days
Where we’re breaking our backs for attention that we crave
I’m shackled and chained on this road that I paved
I can’t dig myself out the whole of minimum wage, yeah
Another penny earned, a couple dollars are saved
But the labor never equals the inferior pay
Now they lookin’ down on us, a superior way
You can never match conditions my exterior braved
My will finally caves, as I uncover the reason
Leaving my commitment straight bruised, tattered and beaten
From the momentary break, work doubles and deepens
They might remember us but it’s a dim lit beacon

We’re the all forgotten, we’ve all been lost in
That moment, space and time when it’s not an option
We’ve all been plottin’, use these things in common
Cover up our back while our dreams are rotten


So we take a step back, we gotta take a breath
The earth fills our lungs with every syllable we stress
The grime covered clothes from emotions we suppress
At the end of the week one of those things you can’t undress
So we wear it as a cloak, take it as our burden
Don it in the streets while our neighbors close curtains
These young caliced hands are exhausted of working
But the sun barrels down while the wind is lurking
Just blowin’ down the willows, shaking up the limbs
Splintering the branches now we’ve had it to the brim
Had desire for the future but tomorrow looks grim
Sliver of hope in the distance yet the chances are slim
But there’s a lily in the ground as the dust fills the sky
After finally giving up I know that hope is still alive
Have to make our presence felt to help the memories survive
They finally think of the forgotten when they look into your eyes


We’re the all forgotten,
We’ve all been lost in
That moment space and time
When its not an option
We’ve all been plottin’
Use these things in common
To cover up our backs
Track Name: Storm The Castle
On the independent mission, crank, lower the drawbridge
As it comes across the moat, clinch, climbing a tall ridge
Break in through the gate, change, hide by the wall quick
Patrol is making rounds, quick, duck in and dodge it
Now I was here a year ago when that first snow fell
But I’ve unpacked all those boxes, suitcase hotels
Are a thing of the past in this experienced journey
When you live for every moment make it Kodak worthy
And I’m talking from the lessons that my life is exposin’
Cause there’s few and far between when you’re gifted and chosen
Now the writtens have risen to an incredible level
And you can finally tell the difference fro the pot and the kettle
So we strive for the best no need or reason to settle
And we gotta push it further put the pedal to metal
Then we check the c4 off the 86er’s checklist
Blow a hole through the wall, unexpected guests bitch

Take my time, storm, storm the castle
Just to break in and steal the keys
Take my pride, storm, storm the castle
Just to dethrone the queen

Second floor, up the stairs, made it past the guards,
Peasants running around cause nobody’s in charge
But they’re looking for the king, he’s familiar with the scene
Seeking shelter in the shadows but it’s harder than it seems
When the watch tower guard saw it all and fleed
But the crossbow’s arrow struck his soul he bleeds
On their groveling knees, “won’t you spare us please?”
“I’m not here for you, I want the crown of your queen.”
With a sigh of relief, he stops and grits his teeth
Its back to the mission, take my faith and leap
Conquering the fears I come across and meet
While sliding under gates past the grip of defeat
I received the FRC crest, wear it reason
To overthrow the queen, in the village its treason
I’m not here to comply, to defy it’s pleasin’
But this is my sport and its a year long season


Top floor, something’s wrong, nobody around
Its known that the keep has fallen guarding the crown
The robe is in sight, focus up buckle down
Cause the second in command is taking over this town
He can see it now, looking over the crowd
They all scream and shout but he loves it loud
Stand up for your beliefs, preach, attest, avow
To leave the next generation well endowed
With the will to compete and reign elite
Supreme over others with no lie or deceit
Leave the boors satisfied, full and complete
Follow through with the promise that accepted this seat
Because its well deserved and not easily earned
He’s only getting closer time to calm his nerves
He’s kicks down the door to find the seat is reserved
Its been empty all along but now his voice has been heard

Took my time, stormed, stormed the castle
Just to break in and steal the keys
Took my pride, stormed, stormed the castle
And I dethroned the queen
Track Name: Stage Lights
Alright let me just get it, let me tell you how I’m feeling
Build up the walls from the floor unto the ceiling
Never mind man bring down the whole building
I’ll crawl out the rubble you can tell that I’m healing
Healing has begun I just had to get it started
The mindset is mine, not for the fainthearted
I thought I bid adieu to my dearly departed
Fly to corners of the world better left uncharted
Google to the maps yeah we going new places
Starting off slow like the turtle win the races
No more formalities, first name basis
Few of us young ins with a future in the game
Shout out midnite and when doing his thing
Pops only son carries the family name
Dad I’m going big places let me know when you can hang

Dreaming of the limelight, no sharing spotlights
Gotta get the fame but these stage lights are too bright
Yeah, with the future looking so bright
Ha I just gotta win my fight
Dreaming of the limelight, no sharing spotlights
Gotta get the fame but these stage lights are too bright
Yeah, with the future looking so bright
Ha, man I’m finally doing alright

You know I’m gonna get it cause I’m in it for the fame
I don’t need any chains or 20’s on a range
Nevermind the glory man I’m in it for the game
But compared to other people yeah we might not sound the same
So I cover up these scars with a little bit of dirt
Brought the whole stage down not a single bone hurt
Build it back up, mash it up then murk
On the hustle full time, not distracted by the work
Trouble up ahead but it doesn’t make a difference
We climbing up the hill but we feeling no resistance
Making progress in this game we’re being so persistent
With the others in our sight, yeah its time we close the distance
We comin’ up on em down from the underground
I make a little noise here to change the way it sounds
The flow is getting heavier packing on the pounds
If you think you can handle it lets go another round


I’m your fearless leader let me guide you into battle
I’m shaking up the world you can feel the ground rattle
I had to take break but I’m back up in the saddle
You claim you make it rain like you reppin’ seattle
You may make it rain but I make it hurricane
It looks a little cloudy but we’ll still take the plane
Turbulence ahead but I really can’t complain
When you’re feeling this young there’s so much to attain
No need to explain, I’m here to entertain
I’m in this til the end when there’s nothing left to gain
But the feelings still remain, so we kick it on the side
‘bout to make a banger when the beat and flow collide
if you look close you can try to criticize
but no matter what you say I can take it in stride
wherever you are you can hear us worldwide
and regardless of the end its been one hell of a ride
Track Name: Rain Or Shine
It’s the end of the show but a brand new beginning
So I write my next rhyme while the record still spinning
Rooke5 on your team yeah you’re bound to be winning
Cause I’m coming through clutch bottom of the ninth inning
Wrapping up the season that’s the end for the freshmen
Take the windy roads all the way to the fresh glen
Sun comes out and it all begins to mesh when
They start to forget, time to refresh them
step out the box cause we gotta breathe deep
Have faith in yourself so you gotta take the leap
Dream about the stars as you bout to fall asleep
Then awaken to the light after counting blacksheep
With the love from the sun as a path to guide my way
Got my eyes on the prize so I’ll never go astray
Melt the ice in the road with the heat from each ray
Push the clouds to side if they’re looking dark gray

Yeah, I’ll make it through rain or shine
Make It, Make it through rain or shine
I’ll make it through rain or shine

Bring the thunder with the left and the lightning with the right
Barely brighten up the sky on these overcast nights
Devotion in the puddles dripping from the streetlights
Pelting the horizon keeping nothing out of sight
Cause my names out the bible but I never had my christening
Came up out that holy water, Yeah straight glistening
God feels the rhythm even caught himself whistling
I just gotta say thank, thank you for listening
Thank you for coming out, thank you for being here
Thank you for showing up to help me persevere
Cause this is what I love through the good and the bad
And there’s been so many times this rhythms everything I have
As the rains pouring down, ink bleeding on the pad
Weathering the storm under concrete slabs
Emerging from the pines view the radiant lines
And no matter what the weather I’ll be here rain or shine

Yeah, I’ll be here rain or shine
I’ll be, I’ll be here rain or shine
I’ll be, I’ll be here rain or shine
Track Name: Momentum
Ayo I’m sitting here waiting, building anticipation
‘Bout to drop bombs on a brand new nation
hirolla, rooke5 the chronicle collaboration
Unexpected allies in hip hop preservation
In silent meditation, allow me to get my thoughts straight
Refused to touch this pen in like eight days straight
til I reassumed the role, I just started writing
Defeat the inner conflict its myself I’ve been fight
Myself I’ve ignited, time to let the fuse burn
Take a step outside your element and watch the tables turn
Anxiety inside building up to no concern
Pull the words from the concussion just to see what I can learn
Inspired by the panic, motivated by the pain
The pressure on my skull induced the swelling of my brain
Try to keep a level head, its so hard to refrain
But its time to drop the gloves keep momentum that I’ve gained

So I’m sitting at the bottom looking up at the top
And I’m looking for momentum to help me back up
Cause the climb to the top is always so steep
And the bottom of the bucket is always real deep
So I’m rolling down the hill take momentum back up
And once I get there hope I don’t get stuck
So I’m rolling down the hill take momentum back up
Too bad I’m at the bottom and I’ll always be stuck

Apply the circumstantial evidence, to words taking precedence
Momentum as a measurement of manufactured relevance
Effective force velocity, encouraged animosity
Uncaging all the animals locked up deep inside of me
Ferocious little wallaby, pocket speaking honestly
Approach it from the starting line, a simple kind philosophy
Conquering the climb on this rugged terrain
Then I stumble down the slope to my jugular vein
Find myself in the valleys in the crease of my brain
The acclivity’s enough just to drive me insane
From the emotional drain, to the physical strain
Surrounded by intensity, choking at the reins
Utilize the situation, engage it for the service
Extracting the omissions found deep beneath the surface
Turn the words into frags let the crowd be nervous
Cause this tongue and cheek slander now that’s a purpose


Man its just dumb luck, you’re just stuck in a rut
And once you get out, man you’ll fuck shit up
Keep talking that talk Rooke5 you’re down on your luck
You wanna try to write but your notebook’s shut
Dude just open it up and steal the fire from heaven
When you lay It on a page learn a valuable lesson
Don’t let it get you down like a manic-depressive
You’ll learn to let it breathe relax that facial expression
No need to be stressing, alright make it progressive
Say it with your chest release that pent up aggression
Its best to vocalize in these therapy sessions
Cause this pen keeps the secret of your silent confession
Now the ink keeps bleeding, feed that fatal addiction
Words speak for themselves with a verbal description
Paralyze your apparatus, suffocated by the diction
Harold crick is bound to die, damn its stranger than fiction

So I’m rolling down the hill take momentum back up
And once I get there hope I don’t get stuck
So I’m rolling down the hill take momentum back up
Well I guess I’m at the top and I’ll never be stuck
Track Name: Lost Cause
I’ve been spending all these years merely looking for the one
Everytime I think I found her, give her reason to run
Had to drop it like a bomb, I could tell you were stunned
Can’t tell you any other way we’re over and done
We spent so many months just building up the trust
Kinda hard to tell the truth when you’re built from lust
I could see it on your face; I could feel it in my gut
It used to shine through; you let the passion turn to rust
Can’t trust half these women with their overplayed innocence
You tore this shit to pieces, the lost cause vigilance
You used to be a stimulant, now you’re just an irritant
I’ll fight my way through the scars from all the past incidents
My angel in disguise missing halo and wings
Come to find its all to coverup your devilish things
Hold your voices in the past from the future I breathe
Now listen to the pain my soul finally sings

We’re a lost cause baby it’s no surprise
You’re all fangs and claws I can see it in your eyes
So what do we do when it’s over and done?
I think the time has come to move along to the next one


Now it's three years later and you're calling me back,
I thought I gave you every reason, stay calm and relaxed
But you’re causing a ruckus, you’re causing a wrack
Possessed eye red, fade to evil and black
Torn, then I’m beat down and rattled again
I don’t have to keep it hidden, I don’t have to pretend
That she knew all along what I found in the end
that my mother always said we’d be better friends
Cause I gave it all and it was always lost
On the cause so helpless never told enough
When the times get heavy the times get rough
Just assemble that bow, mars slaying your bluff


So I let you back in, against my better judgement
All the arguments and drama almost more than I could stomach
Assumed it was over when apparently it wasn’t
Thought my opinion mattered but I guess it really doesn’t
You’re caught up playing games that the devil would win
Spinning, moving places with my heart at the end
Keep flexing that spine and examine the give
Cause I’m Never quite broken, but you’re testing the bend
With that cold dank hold i’m a slave to the grip
Caught you jetting out early but those wings were clipped
I’ve been with cut the edge that the fangs will stitch
Let you Bolt like before but you’re an angry bitch
Now Those teeth marks you left are repeatedly flaunted
I’m running from the nightmares of the dreams you’ve haunted
I remain undaunted. but the demon obsessed
As I shake myself awake, I lay the monster to rest
Track Name: Reckoning
Chain, locked, gripped in a vice
Hold me down, pinned to the ice
Lost my faith cause the asking price
Was way too high homie I’ve paid twice
Drowning again, back to the sea
Foot in the sand, stray by the beach
Stabbed in the back cause you learned from me
That if you don’t ask then its probably free
But that’s my fault cause I let it be
Gave you an inch and you took a few feet
Picked me up just to let me see
That a disappointment is all you’ll be
Please let me stretch, spread my wings
Stained by the blood, left in the crease
Forgot your past for the quick release
When it all comes together hope you find your peace
But impossible for a petty thief
Doubt that led to the disbelief
Character flaw that left you meek
With a Crimson hand you’re a clepto freak
Bit that hand when it fed you a piece
Lies pile up just let em increase
Squeaky wheel always gets the grease
So we keep rolling on going down that street
Stole my soul but it kept you pleased
Wood grain grip on that hiram beat
Took that bat to the back of your knees
You came belly up floating down that creek
You’re lost again I’ve lost a friend
Can’t take another step I need oxygen
Can’t find one more no fucks to spend
I’m sorry at last we’ve reached the end

Gone away,
Let you fall,
Into your grave, into your grave


Gone to the place where we found ourselves
Collecting dust on the second shelf
Hasn’t gotten used, spend your wealth
For the motivation to save yourself
From the self-defeat, you’re only weak
In the eyes of a few, you refuse to speak
When you’re looking down from your widow’s peak
And you can’t take words of a small critique
Another Grown up game of hide and seek
Found some way to lie and cheat
To getaway with everything you barely need
Throw that tantrum pound those feet
Against the land, that reaching hand
Gone for good you had your chance
You wanna return for one more dance
Hit the lights let it turn to sand
Blacking out, you lost that bout
Cold iron fist, to your dumbass mouth
One more blow, a clear knock out
But I don’t gotta swing, metaphoric route
Wanna pipe up let’s hear you shout
A sad mistake for a crying pout
I knew all along but I had my doubts
You’re a fucking bitch, man, peace I’m out
Yeah, I’m gone can’t no more
Paid outta nose for a bad rapport
Relationships getting washed ashore
Suffocate from the pain on an ocean floor
Glass half full, another potent pour
Release the beast with a broken roar
Game can’t be played with a chosen score
We’re all just pawns in a hopeless war


Another hopeless war,
Another hopeless war,
Hopeless war,
Hopeless war.

You know, at the end of the day, the king and the pawn go back into the same box.
Track Name: Rise
I’m the villain mister batman, empathetically bane
Shifting gears and changing in irrational lanes
Small hands big slaps unforgettable pain
Foundation turns to ruins I’ll just watch it decay
Then we stop ha, pull the pin on grenades
Toss em under tracks exposing your tank
While the goons are running up attacking your flank
With a sawed off shotty to the temple your made
The scorn on your face reveals the hate and disdain
For the ones that shut down your foolish riot campaign
They call it crowd control, another rank up the chain
But I’m the Motherfucker that’s derailing the train
When the locomotive stops right in front of your bank
Give the password to the lock that’s controlling the gate
You thought we were cops? fool quit drawing a blank
Cause The ticking of the clock is predicting your fate

Burn that bridge, I’ll spread the ashes the ashes
Burn that bridge, I’ll spread the ashes the ashes
Burn that bridge, I’ll spread the ashes the ashes
Set that shit on fire cause you’re nothing but the past kid

Burn that bridge, I’ll spread the ashes the ashes
Burn that bridge, I’ll spread the ashes the ashes
Burn that bridge, I’ll spread the ashes the ashes
let that shit burn I’ll spread the ashes on your casket

Chorus 2
Arms and scrolls
The fire’s burning and it’s lost control
It’s getting closer til it grabs your soul
The skyline’s falling as we stoke the coals
Listen as the city burns

Mayhem ensuing, city blocks in ruins
Chief of command? Bitch you’ve lost you’re influence
Respect is always earned never given by pursuance
Drowning deadbeat, Now you’re lost in the movement
Choose quick, while the followers are still lucid
Uprising of the populace, these lambs are so stupid
Loose brick, thrown by the mob, they’re growing ruthless
Crack you in the dome leave that face fucking toothless
Slaughter house amusement, remains go unrecovered
Sifting through debris, another angel for the mother
The last one standing, the second oldest brother
Providing for the family, a dinner for the buzzard
Scraps is all he gets, that’s all he really needs
He only needs enough to fight through the fatigue
The war is waging on, divergent dirty deeds
With his ax he carries on, through the battle he proceeds


Here we go again, conflict on the street
The deck begins to sway, about a thousand underneath
Keep your hands above your head, it’s easier to breathe
Let the brimstone drown you, purify the sea
But the sulfur in your lungs, will bury you alive
Huffing harder than before positions compromised
Pounding in your chest, the game just to survive
Rushing martyr becomes floored you’re a worthy sacrifice
That moment of fruition, realizing you’ve been cursed
Strikes you deep within your core envisioning the worst
The town has gone to shambles one more powderkeg burst
We found the reason war, they’re bloody for the thirst
Not easily coerced, you hear those storm clouds rumble
Shaken even startled, disoriented stumble
Coherent just enough to see the magnitude of struggle
You rise to your feet I’ll watch that skyline crumble